New Memberships coming soon

Each year we review our prices to ensure we are continually offering the best membership options for SportsPark users, while remaining financially sustainable. Please see below for some changes that are coming into effect from 1st August 2024 onwards.

Click on each membership below to see the benefits that come with it.

New 2024-25 PricesOld 2023-24 Prices
Sport & Active Wellbeing Membership
Student Year£243 ( 9 months)£290 (12 months)
Student Monthly DD£34£32
Staff Annual (12 months)£360£388
Staff Monthly DD£37£32
Concessions Annual (12 months)£570£570
Concessions Monthly DD£52£52
Community Annual (12 months)£600£600
Community Monthly DD£55£55
Active Wellbeing Membership
Student Year£195 (9 months)£215 (12 months)
Student Monthly DD£26.50£24
Staff Annual (12 months)£285£285
Staff Monthly DD£29.50£24
Concessions Annual (12 months)£459£459
Concessions Monthly DD£42£42
Community Annual (12 months)£527£527
Community Monthly DD£48£48
Pay-As-You-Go Membership£40Student – £18
Staff – £18
Concessions – £38
Community – £103