NHS Blood Donation

On Monday 30th March 2020 the SportsPark Blood donation session will still go ahead by appointment only so you can still come to give blood. We have followed government guidelines to put special safety measures in place for social distancing.

Safety is our number one priority

We have introduced new measures to improve social distancing at our centres. This might mean you are asked to wait outside or find delays because we can't use all the donor chairs.

Our teams are trained in thorough universal hygiene precautions to prevent the spread of all infections. Safety is our number one priority.

There are no confirmed cases of any form of coronavirus being passed on through blood or platelet donation.

Some things may have changed, but there will be the same warm welcome. Find out what has changed.

Please keep your appointment if you can, or make a new one for the future. Coming to give blood is considered essential travel for the NHS.

You will not get a coronavirus test by coming to give blood because there is no evidence of transmission through blood donation.

Please refer here if. you require any futher information