University of Reading StudentsUniversity of Reading Staff**Concessions*Community
V02Direct Debit£20.50£20.50£36.10£41.50
 Annual£184.50 (9 months)£225.50 (12 months)£397.10£456.50
V02 maxDirect Debit£28.00£28.00£44.90£47.30
 Annual£252.00 (9 months)£308.00 (12 months)£493.90£520.30
*Under 18, Alumni, Family or NUS students not at the University of Reading
**Available to University of Reading staff, RUSU Staff, all campus associates based at RSSL, Reading Enterprise Centre and the Thames Valley Science Park. Proof of current employment required.

Please note charges run from August 2021 – July 2022. For more information please speak to reception about the benefits of each membership type.

Guests who must be accompanied by a member will be charged a £1.00 fee for each facility used. The guest fee does not apply to outdoor facilities and guests are not permitted to use the V02 Fitness Studio.


 University of Reading student & staffConcessions*CommunityNon-member
V02 Group Exercise    
General classes£4.50£5.10£6.40£6.80
Pilates, Yoga and Spinning£5.00£5.80£7.10£8.40
Specilaist & 90 minute classes£7.20£8.10£10.00£12.50
V02 Fitness Studio£5.10£6.00£7.30£8.70
Gym Day PassN/AN/AN/A£8.70
Cricket Artificial Wicket    
Full day£76.00£86.80£108.40£127.40
Half day£38.20£43.60£54.40£63.70
Cricket Nets (per 2 hour)£58.20£65.90£82.00£108.50
Equipment hire£2.80£2.80£2.80£2.80
Grass Pitch Hire (per 90 minutes)£37.50£42.80£53.50£64.10
Grass Volleyball / Rounders£29.40£31.00£40.90£46.80
Guest feen/an/an/a£1.00
Meeting Room (60 mins)£14.70£17.80£23.40£35.10
Netball (Outdoor 60 mins)£17.40£19.70£24.50£230.70
Outdoor Training includes portable floodlights£22.60£25.70£32.10£42.80
SoccerPark (60 mins)£30.00£34.30£42.80£53.50
Sports Hall    
One Court (55 mins)£7.40£8.40£10.30£13.70
Two Court (55 mins)£14.60£16.70£20.50£27.30
Four Court (55 mins)£29.20£33.10£41.00£54.30
Squash (40 mins)£6.20£7.00£8.70£12.60
Stay Active£4.40£4.40£4.40£4.40
7-A-Side (One third Pitch)(55 mins)£30.00£34.30£42.80£53.50
Full size (55 mins)£58.00£66.20£82.60£93.50
Studio 1 Hire (55 mins)£20.30£23.30£29.10£34.10
*Under 18, Alumni, Family or NUS students not at the University of Reading


University of Reading student & staffConcessions*CommunityJunior (11-17 Yrs)Non-member
Tennis Club VO2 MAX members
Indoor tennis (60 mins)£12.70£15.70£18.90£15.70N/A
Outdoor Tennis (60 mins)FOCFOCFOCFOCN/A
Sportspark Members
Indoor tennis (60 mins)£12.70£15.70£18.90£15.70N/A
Outdoor Tennis (60 mins)£5.30£6.20£7.20£6.00N/A
Indoor tennis (60 mins)N/AN/AN/AN/A£23.10
Outdoor Tennis (60 mins)N/AN/AN/AN/A£9.10
*Under 18, Alumni, Family or NUS students not at the University of Reading
** Members have 7 day advanced booking for indoor & outdoor tennis courts. There are no guest fees for your opponents. No additional charges for floodlights.


Please enrol at SportsPark reception or online. Classic membership is valid for 12 months from date of purchase. V02 and V02 Max membership can be purchased in monthly Direct Debit payments or by annual payment.

Student Sports Club membership allows entry into the SportsPark only for Student Sports Club training and matches.


Sports hall bookings are for 55 minutes and squash courts are hired for 40 minutes per booking. Cricket net bookings include set-up and set-down time.