SportsPark Block Bookings

Terms and Conditions

Please note that these Terms and Conditions are for the hiring of SportsPark Facilities (as defined below at clause 1.7).  If you have any queries about these Terms and Conditions please contact the SportsPark’s Business & Operations Manager.

By hiring a SportsPark Facility you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions.  Please note that any breach of these Terms and Conditions may result in the cancellation of bookings without refund and the University may refuse to accept bookings from the Hirer in the future.

Clauses 1.7, 4.1, 4.5 – 4.9 inclusive, 4.11 – 4.16 inclusive, 5.1 – 5.4 inclusive, 6.6, 6.9 and 7.2 of the SportsPark Rules and Regulations are also applicable to these Terms and Conditions and are incorporated by reference.

1 Definitions

1.1       Block Booking” means a Booking that consists of 10 or more Bookings.

1.2       Booking” means a reservation of SportsPark Facilities on a specified date, at a specified time and for a specified duration.

1.3       Booking Credit” means a credit which may be used for a future Booking by the Hirer.

1.4       Facility Equipment” means any goals, nets, markings as necessary for the SportsPark Facility being hired provided by the University. It does not include the necessary ball or racquets to play the sport.

1.5       Hirer” means the individual (aged 18 or over), team, body, club, school or organisation who makes the Booking.

1.6       Personal Sports Equipment” means any equipment and balls that the Hirer may wish to bring to play the sport and which is not Facility Equipment or equipment separately hired by the Hirer.

1.7       SportsPark Facility / Facilities” means the SportsPark facilities at the University of Reading, Shinfield Road, Reading, RG6 6AU where the activity or sport takes place.

1.8       Terms and Conditions” means these SportsPark block booking terms and conditions.

1.9       University” means the University of Reading, an independent corporation established by Royal Charter in England and Wales with number RC000665 of Whiteknights House, PO Box 217, Whiteknights, Reading, RG6 6AH, UK.

1.10    Users” means any player, spectator, Hirer or any other person who has any involvement whatsoever with the use of the SportsPark Facilities during a Booking, including members of opposing teams.

1.11    Working Day” means between 08:00 and 16:00 from Monday to Friday inclusive, excluding bank and public holidays.

2 How to make a Block Booking

2.1      Requests for Block Bookings must be made by submitting an email to:  Block Bookings will not be accepted by any other method.

2.2       Subject to clause 3 below, Block Bookings can be made for up to 365 days.

2.3       These Terms and Conditions and the booking form shall form a contract between the University and the Hirer (“Contract”).  Only when the Hirer receives email acceptance of the booking from the University’s SportsPark team will the Contract between the Hirer and the University become legally binding. 

2.4      Any discounts applicable to the booking must be requested at the time of booking otherwise the default full payment will be charged. This charge will not under any circumstance be adjusted retrospectively.

2.5      Block bookings are paid by monthly instalments in advance.

2.6      The University will not send out any reminders at the end of a Block Booking.

3 How to Cancel a Booking, Alternative Arrangement and Booking Credits

Cancellation by Hirer

3.1       Cancellation by the Hirer must be made in writing by email to for:

    3.1.1      the whole Block Booking, at least five (5) full Working Days prior to the date of the first of the series of Block Bookings otherwise the full charge for the booking will be levied; and

    3.1.2      part of a Block Booking, at least five (5) full Working Days prior to the date of that part of the Block Booking the Hirer wishes to cancel, with the intention of keeping the rest of the Block Booking unchanged,

for a Booking Credit to be issued otherwise the full charge for the Block Booking will be levied. 

3.2       Cancellations by the Hirer will not be accepted by any other method.

Cancellation by Umpire or Referee

3.3      Cancellations made by a referee or umpire due to unsafe pitches or weather conditions will receive a Booking Credit, provided written notification is received by the University’s SportsPark team in writing by email to within two (2) Working Days after the date of the game. The referee's/umpire's contact details must be included in the notification. Notifications received more than two (2) Working Days after the date of the game will not receive a credit.

Cancellation by the University

3.4      The University in its absolute discretion, reserves the right to cancel and/or move a Booking in a Block Booking to an alternative site:

    3.4.1      without prior notice if, in its ultimate discretion, an officer of the University’s SportsPark team considers that the SportsPark Facilities are unsafe or unplayable for any reason;

    3.4.2      with a minimum of seven (7) Working Days’ notice if the University requires the SportsPark Facilities for another purpose.

Alternative Arrangements and Booking Credits

3.5       In the event of any cancellation by the University of a Block Booking, or if an alternative site is unavailable or impractical to travel to, the University will provide a Booking Credit for the full value of the cancelled Booking or, where applicable, that part of a Block Booking affected. Subject to clause 16.3 below the University will not accept any further costs or liability for any consequential losses suffered by the Hirer due to any such cancellation by the University.

3.6       Booking Credits may only be used towards the next booking.

3.7       Booking Credits remaining at the end of a season will be refunded.

3.8       The University may set-off against any refund any amounts due from the Hirer, whether in relation to the Booking or otherwise.

4 Payment

4.1      Block Booking payments must be made within 30 days of a regular monthly invoice issued in advance by the University, regardless of whether or not the SportsPark Facilities are used.

4.2       Subject to clause 2.4 above, Block Booking fees are charged at the community rate as set out in the SportsPark’s Membership Fees and Charges leaflet available at SportsPark reception or at  The University may in its absolute discretion review all prices and charges annually and prices may be amended from 1st August each year.

5 Non-Payment of Invoices

5.1      Should the Hirer not pay any invoice within 30 days of the due date on the invoice, the University will not permit the Hirer to use the SportsPark Facilities or permit the Hirer to make any future Block Bookings until the University has received payment in full.  Invoices will be deemed received by the Hirer on the third day from the date of the invoice.

5.2      Full payment will not be deemed to have been received by the University until all funds have cleared.

5.3      If any invoice remains unpaid 30 days after the due date on the invoice, then the University may take legal action against the Hirer to recover all monies due.

6 VAT Exemptions

6.1 The Hirer must be a club, school, association or an organisation representing affiliated clubs (such as a local league) and Block Bookings must comply with the rules as set out in this clause 6 to be VAT exempt.

6.2       Following Notice 742 from HM Customs and Excise the basic VAT position for letting SportsPark Facilities is as set out below.

The letting of SportsPark Facilities for any sport or for taking part in any physical recreation is normally subject to standard-rate VAT but if the let is for over 24 hours or is for a series of sessions VAT may be exempt when the let meets ALL the following conditions:

•    The series consists of 10 or more sessions.

•    Each session is for the same sport or activity.

•    Each session is in the same place, although a different pitch, court or lane or different number of pitches or courts is acceptable.

•    The interval between each session is at least 1 day but not more than 14 days. The duration of the sessions may be varied, however, there is no exception for intervals greater than 14 days through the closure of the facility for any reason.

  • The series is to be paid for as a whole whether or not the SportsPark Facilities are actually used. This must include evidence that payment is to be made in full whether or not the right to use the SportsPark Facility for any specific session is actually exercised.
  • The SportsPark Facilities are let to a school, club, association or an organisation representing affiliated clubs or constituent associations, such as local leagues.
  • The person to whom the SportsPark Facilities are let has exclusive use of them during the session.

6.3       For the purposes of this clause 6 the following terms have the following meanings:

A club or association means they may be unincorporated or incorporated associations, unincorporated or incorporated members’ clubs, employees’ or trade union social clubs, proprietary clubs or service messes. In its simplest context individual teams can be treated as clubs, provided that they conduct their affairs in the same manner. It is also possible to allow committees and teams being part of the main club to individually be treated as clubs in their own right, provided that they conduct their affairs as if they were a club.

A school means an institution that provides statutory education (primary or secondary) required by the Education Act 1996.

6.4       No refund can be provided for the cancellation of any sessions of a Block Booking by the Hirer without invalidating the VAT exemption. If a refund is provided following a request by the Hirer, VAT will be retrospectively applied to all sessions in the Block Booking and the Hirer will be invoiced for the balance due. The consequences of non-payment of any such invoice are as set out in clause 5.3 above.

7 Other Obligations on the Hirer

7.1       The Hirer must remove all litter or place it in the bins provided and leave the SportsPark Facilities in a clean and tidy state after use and is responsible for ensuring that the SportsPark Facilities are treated in a considerate manner.

7.2       The Hirer is responsible for providing the University with an invoicing address, email address and one up-to-date telephone number on which the Hirer can be contacted. Any changes to the Hirer’s contact details must be notified by email to

7.3       Users shall not act in a manner which causes injury, damage or distress to any property or person, or bring into disrepute SportsPark, the University, or any of its staff and other users of the SportsPark Facilities.  Users shall obey any instruction given by the University’s SportsPark staff. The Hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that the behaviour of all Users associated with the Booking complies with these Terms and Conditions and shall be jointly liable for any damage caused by such Users.

7.4       The Hirer must ensure that all Users of the SportsPark Facilities associated with their Booking wear appropriate footwear. Only non-marking training shoes can be worn for all indoor activities.  Either training shoes or rubber multi-studded boots can be worn for activities on the all-weather pitch and 3G SoccerPark.  No blades are permitted.   

7.5       Hirers must ensure that no Users associated with their Booking discriminate against anyone either physically, verbally or by their conduct on the grounds of race, nationality, colour, ethnic or national origin, religion, creed, sexual orientation, marital status, sex or disability.

7.6       It is not permitted to climb or attempt to climb the perimeter fence surrounding the all-weather pitch or 3G SoccerPark.

7.7       Subject to clause 8.1 below, the University is not responsible for providing any balls or Personal Sports Equipment (unless they have been separately hired) required by the participants to play the sport the SportsPark Facilities have been booked for.

7.8      Hirers must not use pitches without Booking in advance. Hirers using a pitch without pre-booking will be retrospectively charged for its use.

7.9       The sub-letting of any part of the Block Booking is not permitted.

8 Other Obligations on SportsPark

8.1       The University will provide the Hirer with the SportsPark Facilities booked and the use of changing facilities and relevant pitch or Facility Equipment.

8.2       The University cannot guarantee the availability of any specific court or pitches at any SportsPark Facilities. Courts and pitches are allotted on the day at the discretion of the University’s SportsPark team.

9 Parking

9.1       Parking is available at SportsPark and parking will be subject to the terms and conditions displayed in the relevant car park.  Fines may be issued for any vehicles parked illegally.  The University cannot guarantee that parking spaces will be available and Users will need to leave sufficient time to find alternative parking or travel to the SportsPark by other means.  Missing a Booking due to unavailability of parking will not entitle the Hirer to a refund or Booking Credit.

10 Qualifications

10.1    All Coaches, instructors and teachers etc. hiring the SportsPark Facilities for the purpose of teaching others will be required to produce evidence of a suitable qualification before confirmation of the Block Booking can be made.

11 Change Overs

11.1    The Booking time includes any time that may be needed by the Hirer to set-up, take down or store any equipment.

12 Floodlighting and Changing Room Allocation

12.1    The above facilities will be utilised at the discretion of the University’s SportsPark team.

13 Use of Electrical Equipment

13.1    All items of electrical equipment brought onto the premises, must comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 (as may be amended and/or updated from time to time). Hirers will provide proof that all electrical items have current test certificates.

14 Breaching the Terms and Conditions

14.1    Any breach of and/or failure by the Hirer to comply with these Terms and Conditions may result in the cancellation of all of the Hirer’s current Bookings at the SportsPark Facilities without the provision of a refund or Booking Credit and/or the refusal to accept any future bookings from the Hirer. The use of any such remedies is without prejudice to any other claim or remedy which the University may have against the Hirer.

15 General

15.1    The Sports Operations Coordinator on duty must be informed of:

    15.1.1    all accidents and injuries;

    15.1.2    any damage to or faults with any equipment, fixtures or fittings.

15.2    The SportsPark’s No Smoking policy must be adhered to in all SportsPark Facilities.

15.3    With the exception of the Guide Dogs/Dogs for the disabled, no animals are allowed inside the SportsPark Facilities without permission from the Sports Operations Coordinator or Facility Managers of the SportsPark Facilities.

15.4    Where the Hirer is a consumer (namely not entering into this Contract in the course of business) these Terms and Conditions shall not affect the Hirer’s statutory rights. 

15.5    Any breach of any of these Terms and Conditions could result in a charge being levied to the Hirer and the SportsPark Facilities being withdrawn.

16 Limitations and Exclusions

16.1    Subject to clause 16.3, the University does not accept liability for any loss suffered by the Hirer as a result of any Booking cancellation or unforeseen unavailability of the SportsPark Facilities.

16.2    Subject to clause 16.3, the University does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage howsoever caused to the personal property of the Users of the SportsPark Facilities.

16.3    The University neither limits or excludes its liability for death or personal injury caused by its negligence (or its liability for fraud), or for any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited by law.

16.4    The payment of a booking fee for a sports pitch does not create or intend to create any interest in the land by any means and does not imply any relationship of landlord and tenant.

17 Data Protection

17.1    Personal details provided to the University may include information such as name and contact information, date of birth, bank details and credit or debit card details.

17.2    All personal data (with the exception of any credit or debit card details) will be stored on SportsPark’s membership database and will be used by the University to administer Block Bookings and any membership details.  The University does not knowingly collect personal information from any persons who are under the age of 18 without permission from their parent or legal guardian.  Please do not submit personal data of children who are under 18 unless permission has been granted for you to do so from their parent or legal guardian.

17.3    If you have opted-in to receive certain information from the University's SportsPark team, you may be contacted from time to time with relevant information or offers. If you no longer wish to receive such information or offers from us then please send an email to requesting your contact details to be withdrawn from receiving such information or offers.

17.4    Personal details will be held in accordance with and in compliance with all applicable data protection laws, our Privacy Notice and retained in line with our Records Management Policy.  If you have any queries about your personal details that are held on SportsPark database, or if you wish to update or remove any personal details, please contact the University’s SportsPark team on 0118 378 8799 or send an email to:

17.5    If you have any questions regarding protection of your data please contact the University Data Protection Officer at:

17.6    For health and security reasons CCTV is used at the SportsPark.  Please contact the University’s SportsPark team if you have any queries in relation to the use of CCTV operating in and around the SportsPark Facilities.

18 Variations

18.1       The University reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice, other than by posting the revised terms and conditions on the SportsPark website and notice board.  Alterations or revisions will apply from the date of first posting on the website.

19 Governing Law

19.1    These Terms and Conditions are governed by English law and any disputes or claims (including any non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or in connection with them are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.